Our Story

Our Mission

We are committed to providing premium activewear and high quality performance products designed for those who love to lead an active lifestyle and exceed their fitness goals.

What Do We Do?

Shop luxefitness.com.au for the hottest luxury, lifestyle & designer active and streetwear brands!

With over 50 stylish designers within Australia and internationally, Luxe Fitness IS fashion forward performance wear.

At Luxe we have sourced the hottest labels worldwide to make them easily accessible all in the one place!

We believe designer sportswear can not only motivate you to live a more active and healthy lifestyle, but make you look great and feel even better!

Luxe Fitness is designed for sports enthusiasts, no matter your skill or commitment level.

"We are here to support you along your fitness journey. Whether you are training for a marathon, fun run, triathlon, fitness challenge, are a dedicated yogi or athlete or just your general fitness enthusiast, we will provide you with the best high performance products and the latest on trend activewear to encourage and invigorate you to lead your best active lifestyle and exceed your fitness goals."